KDJI business incubation is a unique and highly flexible combination of business development processes, infrastructure and people designed to nature new and small businesses by helping them to survive and grow through the difficult and vulnerable early stages of development. KDJI business incubation provides a nurturing, instructive and supportive environment for entrepreneurs during the critical stages of starting up a new business.


 Access to infrastructure and resources: This includes office space, equipment, laboratories, telephone, printing facilities internet, boardroom and secretarial support. These are vital elements in operating a business.


Coaching and Mentoring support: growth experts to monitor and evaluate the business. This includes experienced mentors and coaches in specific areas to control the company’s growth and strategic direction.


Business acumen training: Management Skills, Financial Skills, Proper business training, Lack of experience and competence, Poor time management and planning skills.


Access to markets: a product or service is developed with the goal of meeting a market need or want. This is a major goal for SMMEs is to get their offerings to the market.


Networking: building sustainable and powerful networks are important for SMMEs as it unlocks challenges and adds value to their businesses.


Access to funding: assisting a SMME with unlocking financial support for various elements such as prototype development, equipment, operational costs and key marketing activities.


Our Business Incubation Programme

KDJI’s runs a three-year incubation programme. The programmed aims to create targeted interventions at each stage of the small business life cycle and combine this with each phase of the incubation programme. KDJI’s programme includes the following incubation phases list.

Pre-Incubation Period: 3-6 months

Pre-incubation is vital stage of the incubation model as it is the foundation of the three year programme. This stage efficiently and effectively shapes companies for investment and growth. This involves, business planning, prototype development, harnessing the entrepreneurial spirit and effective mentoring and coaching.

Launch Phase Period: 6 months

he launch phase works in line with pre-incubation, one the company is able to successfully complete pre-incubation. The incubator aids the SMME in launching the product which includes generating a market interest from both the consumer, potential partners and funders.

Growth Phase Period: 1 year

In the growth phase the SMME has now demonstrated that it has a workable business. The SMME has customers or a market. The incubator will intensify support at this stage to ensure that the company capitalises on the market interest.

Graduation Phase Period: 1 year

At this stage the incubator may simulate a ‘real world’ environment and increase the costs for the SMME to be in the programme e.g. market related rent/ internet. The incubator will aid the SMME in finalising a few business issues and plan for expansion in this phase. The SMME is ideally supposed to grow beyond the incubation programme and self-sustain without the incubator’s assistance.


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At Kimberley Diamond and Jewellery Incubator we believe in Building the people that make businesses thrive. Our goal is to create elite and innovative entrepreneurs geared to ensuring the success and growth of small businesses in the South African Diamond Industry.